Exploding From The Inside

by Distorted Majesty

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This EP presents what the trio of Johnny Jensen, Ori Taggart & co-singer Bobslide can do together as Distorted Majesty's team of rock artist


released April 13, 2017

Bobslide (Vocals for Under The Skin & It's The Nothingness)

Johnny Jensen (Riffs in Burnstep, It's The Nothingness & composition for Creepiest of Plans, as well as co-production in Burnstep)

Ori Taggart (Production of Under The Skin, It's the Nothingness & Pursuit Me A Little)



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Distorted Majesty Montreal, Québec

We are a group of musicians who makes the weirdest things on Planet earth.

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Track Name: Under The Skin
This is what happens
when our paradice
Is lost beneath our skin
and we try to take it back
Why do we try so hard
What is lost is lost

Let's focus on what's right
Not on the past
Let's not walk backwards tonight
Let fresh air go wild
Let's not get
(x2)under our skin, under our skin once again
Track Name: It's The Nothingness
It was in all of us
But we lost it all
What are we supposed to do?
I don't know
But I know this
If we don't get it back soon
Then we're probably going to drive crazy
And do things we may regret, alot

It's The Nothingness, Indeed
(It's The Nothingness, Indeed)
It's The Nothingness, Ain't that it Right
(It's The Nothingness, Yeah)
It's The Nothingness, Indeed
(It's The Nothingness, Indeed)
It's The Nothingness
(It's The Nothingness)

Let's not
Let's not lose sight of what we know
Let's keep it while we still have a chance
Let's find it
Let's find it the best way we can
Let's go
We still have a chance, we should be going now
There is not a time left
We still have a chance to go and find it
What are we doing here?
What are we planning?
What are we saying here?

It's The Nothingness, Indeed
(It's The Nothingness, Indeed)
It's The Nothingness, Ain't that it Right
(It's The Nothingness, Yeah)
It's The Nothingness, Indeed
It's The Nothingness
Track Name: Pursuit Me A Little
Listen to what I have to say
Before going deep into the darkness

There's some things that you have to understand
You unchained me by the hands
Is there a way for you to see clearly in the sand
The eyes of a man
who walks
under the rug everyday
Or are you blinded by such apertizer
Are you...Are you loving the way
You take me on everyday

Sometimes I wish that I
didn't had to see you walking down the streets
You hurt
my vision of the world so easily
I don't know if I could
pull off the trigger anymore, (x2)I don't know
It even hurts to say your name
I don't even know the truth behind it
It's always just
"destroy the things that you miss"
If you can't do it,
then don't do it. Don't do it
That's what they used to be saying about me
before I quit
Before you made me quit
into a place that I never hold dear to my heart
It hurts to even think about it

It's the scars that made me look
So far in the past
When i walk I see your face
And all the lies that you putted behind the door and
Before me
And After heat I was
Strange liberties coming up
And I knew that
You were somehow
Not my friend

You weren't my friend
After everything we've gone through
After everything we faced
You're gonna just put me under the dirt
With the new shovel you bought
With the chains on the new bezel
Or something stupid like that
I guess...maybe just...not